Strategic Partnerships

We will foster an environment where the people in our communities work alongside law enforcement and civic organizations to build better and safer places to live. A good example is my work with Living Proof Recovery. I worked with Director Claudia Hamilton to start an introductory program for addiction counseling in the jail. This effort has led to the next step in our partnership the Next Door Program (on whose board I currently serve.) This program focuses on women who have been released from jail and reintroduces them back into society with new life skills and training. This is a good beginning, but we need more of these partnerships to engage and affect our larger inmate population. Community Resources for mental health issues and addiction among inmates remains a priority for my team. This can be achieved through important partnerships like Living Proof Recovery.

Skilled Officers and Personnel

We will focus on training and improving our personnel to ensure we provide the highest level of law enforcement services to the people of this county. A sheriff’s agency is only as strong as its personnel and the policy and standards they operate under. I am committed to the constant review of our training regimens to ensure professionalism and protection of the rights of each and every citizen.

Our deputies and jail officers are much better equipped to do their jobs now in large measure thanks to wonderful citizens like Jim and Bonnie Moore with the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI). NAMI instituted Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to assist all law enforcement officers in the community to be better trained in working with this specific population.

Jail and Inmate Resource Program

It is our goal to lower the recidivism rate among inmates upon their release. This is accomplished through strong community resources that aid and assist them to break the cycle of incarceration. Mental health programs and drug addiction resources are a must to help restore families in our community.

The Jail Ministry program which has been in place for over thirty years will continue under a Caldwell Administration. We have seen lives changed through this local ministry. We have more local ministers and churches involved now than at any time in the ministry’s history.

Second Amendment Rights

A Sheriff’s primary responsibility is to uphold the laws and constitutions of both the United States and the State of Georgia. We stand committed to upholding personal protections and safeguards guaranteed in the Constitution.

I also believe an effective program of Gun Safety Education and Concealed Carry Certification Classes helps create a citizenry that is both well informed and secure in their personal defense.


Strong Communities

We will communicate well and maintain strong relationships with our partner agencies in public safety, county and municipal governments and non-profit organizations committed to improving the lives of all of our citizens.


Solid and Effective Drug Enforcement

We will increase our efforts to investigate, intercept, and arrest those involved in illicit drug use and the illegal manufacture and sale of these controlled substances. We will continue our long-standing partnership with the Rome/Floyd Metro Drug Task Force and are committed to continued drug education in our community.


The Core 4

Public Safety

As the chief law enforcement official in Floyd County, the sheriff is responsible first and foremost to see that the public is protected. If I am elected, this will be paramount in my mind every day on the job.


Accreditation Approved Policy

A law enforcement agency is only as strong as the standards to which they conform on a daily basis. Our policy will be reviewed annually and updated accordingly to enhance our performance and professionalism.

Employee Empowerment

We will ensure our employees receive the best training and tools needed to perform their duties. A more prepared and professional employee will ensure that our citizens maintain their rights in our community.


Transparency in our Community

We will earn public trust in our community by being transparent at all times about our operations. We will strive to be equally as open about our failures as we are our successes.

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