Campaign Corner: Fundraising…..yes, some people cringe at the prospect of seeing it or hearing about it, but in a lot of ways it makes our community go around. Think about all of the non-profit efforts you have seen advertised or you have contributed to.  I proudly support some of those efforts myself! I haven’t really ever spoken to a local candidate who has ever said “Tom, I love to ask people for money!” but it is a necessary part of a successful campaign. The great part of contributing locally is that YOU get to directly have an impact on who wins! SO….I am asking you to please hit that green “DONATE” button you see at the top, right corner of our website – This will allow us in the coming eight months to get our message out there through ads, signs, magnets, stickers, events, newspaper, radio, sponsorships, billboards, etc. EVEN A SMALL $5 DONATION on our page can add up and help and I’ll appreciate it! I love my hometown, the sheriff’s office and our county. I’ll work hard to keep it safe…. help us keep the momentum and I’ll be……….. #readyonday1.

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