Did you know that every year there is a shortage of volunteer team sport coaches in our community? Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, Rome/Floyd Recreation, etc. will inevitably start practices for league play without enough coaches. Volunteer youth coaching is one of the most rewarding community service efforts you may be missing out on. Years before I thought of being your next sheriff, I found that you can make an impact on young people’s lives and there is no better community service I can think of and it’s just plain fun! You can help coach your kids teams or coach any team. I’ve done both over the years and loved it! Coach Mailon Baxley was my first coach and I’ll never forget him. Coach Phil Milam gave me my first chance to coach West Rome Junior High and I loved it….along with Mark Seymour. I’ve coached some of my son Thomas’s teams in Football, Baseball, Soccer….with some good volunteers! I’m glad they had an impact on his life. So, as we crank up spring and summer sports and activities….jump in there and lend a hand. You’ll find a blessing way beyond measure! …..Now you know! (Photo**May 2001 with My son Thomas, he was 8 and played for Chick fil a)

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