Did you know that Long Term Planning plays a critical role in the successful operation of a Sheriff’s Office? With an annual budget in the ballpark of $9 million dollars and change, you may be tempted to think improvements come easy….not so! Easily 3/4ths of that budget is encumbered before you even get the year started. Not much discretionary spending…

So, for example, to spend 7 million plus to renovate part of the jail for medical/mental health expansion is not something the county can just snap their fingers and do without a millage rate increase. So…we had to be creative and plan accordingly and a SPLOST for public safety was the result. Nobody wants more taxes but if it’s necessary…..this is the route to take, without homeowners only taking the brunt. Working with two great majors, (Sapp & McGuire) it was an experience planning, presenting to the Splost Committees and getting them approved. Completing the projects are fulfilling and the culmination of teamwork! This current SPLOST is the 3rd one I’ve had the pleasure of working on and when completed, will be as important as any! It was nice to see more people come out to a SPLOST meeting recently for the first time. Our community can benefit from it. This current project will benefit us for the next 20 years and it takes teamwork and planning. I am the only candidate in this race to be your next sheriff who has this much needed experience. I have it because YOU allowed me to gain it as your Chief Deputy. I’ll continue to plan accordingly and work hard if you promote me to this trusted post. NOW you know……. #EXPERIENCEMATTERS!

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