I try to share useful information for my supporters and the community. Along those lines, did you know there are local city and county ordinances regulating political signs? WHY YES….there is. I visited the planning office recently and got a copy of Article 5 (sign regulations) which details any sign and usage. Section C Temporary Signs (1) political signs states…..”political signs may be placed as of the date of qualification of candidates, and shall be removed upon the final result.” This regulates having the signs out there for extended periods of time as everybody gets tired of them I know from experience. So….those of you who have asked or requested I really appreciate it…
BUT, if you’re running for Sheriff, it’s probably not a good idea to violate ordinances.  I keep an extensive list so when the time comes I’ll be honored to do it then. Until then, I have magnets for vehicles and stick light window stickers.SO…now you know! #readyonday1 #floydcountystrong

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