Did you know that serving on an agency’s honor guard is generally voluntary? It is a privilege to wear those ceremonial, although not particularly comfortable uniforms. However, it requires a commitment for those entrusted to do it….uniform costs are high, training, practice, cooperation with other agency honor guards, personal time conflicts, etc. As Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard Commander, I found the reward worth it. Whether a parade, a ceremony, presenting the colors or somber and emotional funeral details….it’s a privilege because you represent not just an agency but your community and your brotherhood. **photo- myself with a brother New York City PD Honor Guardsman pulling casket duty for our fallen sister Kristen Hearne (RIP- 2017). Say what you will about New York, but NYPD sends a detail ANYTIME an officer in America dies in the line no matter where it is. Talk about commitment! Now you know. #stepup #ifitwaseasyanybodywoulddoit.

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